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                        About Hangzhou Huatai Intelligent Technology

                        Professional research and development, production and sales of LED electronic display and related information electronic products processing

                        About us

                        Hangzhou Zheda Huatai Technology Co., Ltd.is located in HangZhou City, as a high and new technology enterprise established by Zhejiang University and leaders of our company. Supported by technical staff of Zhejiang University, our company integrates research and production with marketing of LED displays. We have employed technique talents who have worked in the LED electronic display screen line and correlative industries for over 10 years.80% of them have master's degree or above, possessing high technology professional titles.

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                        Engineering Applications

                        The series of high-tech products represented by LED electronic displays independently developed and produced by the company have been widely used in banks, securities, stations and docks, large squares, government centers, tax bureaus, employment bureaus, talent markets, farmers markets, postal services, and telecommunications , Hospitals, courts, highways, urban transportation, industrial and mining enterprises and other places.




                        LED display existing problems and development in China

                        First, lack of technological innovation capacity, the overall level of innovation needs to improve the industry. Mainly in the high technological content of new products and lead the market development of the backbone of the lack of


                        LED display market competition

                        In the past for a long time the application of LED mainly in the LED display, traffic lights, small backlight. LED lighting should now be part of the general lighting, that can be commercial, can also enter the family.


                        Full color LED display quality judgment standard

                        1.Smoothness LED display surface roughness to within ± 1mm to ensure that the display image does not occur distorted, local highlights or recession will lead to LED display viewing angle of the dead angle

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